Services & Pricing

All test results are provided same-day before 10PM¹, for all appointment times.  Asymptomatic PCR & Antigen testing provided for travel and non-OHIP covered purposes.

Price exclude applicable taxes.

Swift Clinics

Rapid Antigen & PCR Testing

Same-day results

Starting at $59 + tax

Swift Clinics

Private Covid-19 Testing

For a minimum of 5 individuals

Starting at $1,200 + tax

Swift Clinics

Travel Vaccines & Immunizations

Millions of people travel internationally each day. In many countries outside North America, many preventable diseases have still not been eradicated and can result in discomfort to severe illness. This can disrupt your travel plans, but also potentially have longer term health consequences. Getting vaccinated before you travel can be an important part of your pre-travel planning to ensure you remain healthy before, during and after your travel.

¹Any service representation, warranty or guarantee is limited to the cost of the services purchased. You may be eligible for a refund of fees paid for these services in accordance with our Refund policy if we do not send the results to you at the email or phone number provided, on the same calendar day by 10 PM. Please see legal terms for more information and conditions.

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