Want to Travel to Toronto? Here’s Where You can Instantly Get a COVID-19 PCR Test Done!

It is crucial to determine whether or not you have been infected with COVID before travelling. A negative is required along with a travelling certificate. The most effective approach to determine whether or not you are infected is to have a COVID RT-PCR test done. If you are looking for a fast and an efficient way to get an RT PCR test done in Toronto to travel, you might want to give Swift Clinics a try! Even though traveling amid a pandemic is never safe, a test will help you avoid a range of possible issues. 

The Travel Know-It-all with Swift Clinics!

One of the most important aspects you must take into consideration before travelling is to have a thorough COVID-19 RT PCR test performed. COVID-19 PCR test for travel is provided through Swift Clinics for travelers who require a negative result to travel in Toronto. Several countries require a legitimate travel-related PCR lab certificate, which is what Swift clinics will provide.

In Toronto, if you are fully vaccinated, you do not have to show a negative RT PCR test for traveling. However, different countries have a different set of rules, which is why travelers are accountable for verifying all criteria for their preferred destination, as well as any specifics about testing or reporting that may be required.

Travel necessities are always evolving, so each trip is unique. When you enter Canada, you’ll be given the option of taking an arrival test or receiving a home test kit. With Swift Clinics, you can get tested and get the results on the same day, Win-Win situation, isn’t it?  

Travelers having a positive COVID-19 test result between 14 to 180 days of traveling in Toronto may be excused from arrival testing. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you have a printed version of your results with yourself. We typically provide the digital result copy within 24 hours. Before leaving for travel, certain travel destinations may ask visitors to submit a copy of their results. Always double-check with your airline and travel destination to be certain you meet their criteria for submitting evidence of testing results.