Where To Get a COVID-19 Private Testing for Family Travel in Toronto?

Swift Clinics provide private in-home COVID testing in Toronto for family travel or large groups. Our medical staff will come to your home with all necessary equipment to perform your COVID-19 tests.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose at home COVID testing for your family trip:

We provide both testing in Toronto for your family travel: samples taken through a swab from the nasal cavity are tested in our labs. Test results are reliable and accurate, and we also provide same day results! You can choose between nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs. You will also get a valid travel certificate with your results!

Our Canadian qualified medical and nursing team provide safe and comfortable service for your family. Our professional and friendly staff ensure their best to make the whole process convenient and comfortable for you and your family.
Private at home COVID testing in Toronto by Swift Clinics is provided on devices approved by Health Canada. We use approved methodology and tools to perform the testing . Our team of medical professionals work under the guidelines recognized around the world.

We have fixed prices for the testing without any extra charges or fees, making it one of Toronto’s most reliable COVID testing. We also provide urgent tests results which typically take one to two hours for results!

We go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional patient experience for our clients. If you have any questions regarding testing, you can call us at (647)-366-9171 or email us directly at info@swiftclinics.ca