Types of Covid Testing Provided by Swift Clinics

Whether you are looking to travel domestically or internationally, a COVID travelling certificate has become a requirement by most airlines and countries. Vaccinated individuals also have to show a valid certificate while travelling. In Toronto, Swift Clinics provide fast and reliable COVID testing. You can choose from our two available testing locations: in Milton & Etobicoke. We provide RT-PCR & Antigen testing with same day results. You will also get a valid travel certificate with your results!

Antigen Test

The Antigen test, a later flow test, looks for the presence of COVID causing virus in the body. It involves testing the sample that is swabbed from the nose and searches for the proteins on the outside of the infection-causing antigen. There are no special instructions or precautionary steps taken before and after the test. 

Swift Clinics provide fast and reliable Antigen Testing in Toronto. The results are generated on the same day of the test and in urgent cases within one to two hours. An additional fee is not charged for urgent tests. We provide a travel certificate for all COVID RT-PCR and Antigen tests.

RT-PCR test

The RT-PCR, a molecular test, works on the respiratory part of the human body. This test aims to search for RNA of the coronavirus. A nasal swab collects the sample directly from the nostril or nasopharyngeal that goes into the nasal cavity. After extracting the sample, PCR technology replicates and detects parts of the virus RNA using fluorescent dye. The specific level of fluorescence indicates the presence of the virus. The PCR Test in Toronto provided by Swift Clinics ensures the most reliable and fastest results. You will receive the result on the same day or in urgent cases within one to two hours (estimated). 

Why Choose Swift Clinics?

Swift Clinics provide fast and reliable Antigen and PCR Testing in Toronto. Our staff consists of a Canadian qualified and licensed medical team.  All of our latest testing machines and well-equipped laboratories ensure that results are hundred percent accurate. We use testing methodology & equipment approved by Health Canada.